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Midday, Saturday 19th October, 1985 my life changed dramatically. As an energetic fifteen year old I was instantaneously paralysed from the neck down. For my sins, I had jumped from an 8ft wall attempting to somersault & land on my back into a skip full of empty cardboard boxes. You guessed it! I landed badly, breaking my neck at the C4/5/6 vertebrae with a complete lesion.

Rushed to Broomfield hospital staying for 1 brief, scary and mentally torturous night I was transferred to the Nation Spinal Injuries Centre, Stoke Mandeville the following day where 9 months were spent in rehabilitation. Early on, I was warned there was unlikey to be a cure in the near future, Medical progress has and will continue to advance towards this aim but is yet to be fully realised over a quarter of a century later. Fortunately, I decided to live with paralysis pretty much from day one and still have the same philosophical viewpoint today. I decided to get on with life, make the most of it and have a mighty fine time in doing so. Maximise the capabilities and opportunities offered!

Over the years I have experienced many wonderful things in my wheelchair that most people would not conceive possible for a person with such a severe level of paralysis. This website is here to inspire people who receive similar injuries or face adversity and barriers in life. Anything is still possible if you put your mind and heart into it!

For the past 7 years I have been employed by ecdp (Essex Coalition of Disabled People) as a "Navigator". I assist people to navigate the Social Care System in Essex and Thurrock giving advice, information and guidance in regards to Direct Payments, personal assistance and care. I am a qualified Disability Equality Practicioner having studied at ARU's Chelmsford Campus.

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